Re: Juniper Unsecured Credit Card for Chapter 13 people

If you are in an open thirteen you may need the permission of the bankruptcy court to open a new credit account. (this varies by jurisdiction) If you fail to get the required permission, this will be considered fraud, and void the bankruptcy and bring on the fraud charges. Contact your lawyer and the clerk of the court. Don’t rely on the Internet for major legal advise.

After a previous chapter 7 Juniper approved me out of the blue I got a pre approved offer. They are a predatory lender and I would’nt do business with them if I were you. I have had nothing but a bad experience with them and from the research I’ve done on them they they pray upon those in BK or just out of it.

Thanks for the info…..I have not applied….and will be pitching the offer!

That is exactly what I was thinking.

Why go back into debt with another card when someone is filing bankrupty to clear current debts?

That is like saying that person did not learn from the first mistake by continuing the cycle all over again.

It makes no sense!!!!! Just my humble opinion.

Juniper Unsecured Credit Card for Chapter 13 people

I am in an open chapter 13, filed in oct 07. I just got a credit card offer from Juniper. I just wondered if anyone out there has been approved for an unsecured card from Juniper while still in an open chapter 13? I dont want the inquiry on my credit reports unless I know there is a reasonable chance they will approve me, which I really believe is unlikely.

Forgive my ignorance, but if you are trying to pay off previous cards, why would you want to start that process over again by getting Another credit card? I would think that would be defeating your purpose of getting out and staying out of debt?

Don’t go for any credit cards …. especially if you have a history of debt issues… It’s like an alcoholic heading for the bar for “one drink.” Step away…. Run away….. You don’t want the “I love debt” score anyway.

If you are in open chapter 13 – why on earth would you want another credit card? I can’t wait to get rid of mine. Everytime I get them paid off, something happens (usually medical), and they end up worse than before. I just want them gone. Shredded. Never to be used again. I think with my lack of self discipline, I just can’t have a credit card at all.

Folks this is United States of America-the land of the free! If getting that credit card is not illegal or going to get you in trouble with the trustee or the court I say go for it! But if it is illegal then I say no.

I wouldn’t want a cc period. I am trying to live my live as ‘cash only’. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of those plastic boogers. They are more harm than good. Don’t do it, it’s like that last brownie, in the end it’s not worth the trouble. Me neither, especially store credit. The major ones never turned me on, but let me get a store cc like Macys or Sears and you’d though I just it the lottery or fell in love. They are like the fix you can never seem to get enough of…..

I knew I had posted a bit hastily without giving more detail. The ONLY reason I would even think about getting a credit card now, in my open 13, is simply to increase my fico scores. I am also in a pay option arm loan through Bank of America with my mortgage (yep, formerly Countrywide) and I may HAVE TO REFINANCE within about a year.(thus the need to increase my scores to qualify) I have done intense research for a year now, which started prior to my having to file.

(I had to file due to 50,000 of business dept that was left after a failed business…I did not use the cards, my husband did…my error was to guarantee the credit for the company…I have learned my lesson, trust me) I do have 2 secured credits that have NEVER gone past the 50% debt to credit ratio. I am ONLY using them to help re build my credit scores.

So, I just wondered if anyone else had been approved for a juniper card in an open thirteen. Again…this is all about rebuilding my credit….not continuing down the same debt road. Thanks to all that replied to my post,

You don’t want a credit card. But if you must try for a secured card. I’ve got a secured card with a $200 limit from Orchard Bank. ( With such a low limit I can’t use it much and can usually manage to pay it off each month. And if for some reason you default and don’t pay the monthly bills (mi9numum of $15) they can take your $200 deposit to pay off your account and close it.

I’m aware of that, but am not aware as to WHY someone would want to keep getting cards when they’ve already brought BK on their heads. I am not understanding that. Sorry.

Thanks for the response! I was told that i had a restriction on $1000 of incured debt during my thirteen, but that more than that of available credit was ok…. but i will re check this with my lawyer at my 1 year review which is coming up soon. again, thank you

Domesticating a Default Judgment in Florida

I live in Florida and Cach LLC apparently purchased a Default Judgment that Chase obtained against me only. My husband was not on the Chase account. The attorney said he is going to Domesticate the Judgment and then place liens on our home (homesteaded) and our vehicles.

First, since the judgment is in my name only, can they put a lien on my husband’s car? They are both paid off.

Also, I read somewhere that a Default Judgment CANNOT be domesticated in Florida. Does anyone know if this it true?


Trying to Settle Accounts

We are trying to settle our credit card accounts and have a certain amount of cash to do it. It’s about 25% of the total we owe. If we can’t settle the accounts, we will almost have to file BK, which we really don’t want to do.

I have explained this to the creditors but they don’t want to reduce the amount to what we can pay. It doesn’t make any sense to me why they would prefer to get $0 if we file BK instead of taking the 25% and run with it!

Any thoughts on your own experiences?

YA.. LOTS. They have more then likely already written it off and gotten a tax break. They wont reason with you. I was at this point before BK and most recently had to let a debt go to “charge off”. I tried and I made payments but they charged it off anyway. They really would rather have the tax break.

BK is’nt as bad as its made out to be. I filed chpater 10 nearly 10 years ago and its going to fall off of my credit report in the next coming months. The minute I filed it was like my slate was wiped clean and all of a sudden I had predatory lenders seeking me out all over the place. I could have purchased/financed vehicles, I did get some credit cards and two years later I got mortgages. Contrary to how its made to sound…

lenders like BK because if you file bk-chapter 7 specifically you cant file it again for a certain amount of time. If they can rope you into debt after the fact.. you are sunk and stuck owing that debt because your only option is to file chap. 13 which involves repayment. I was always astonished that credit lenders would not deal and instead will force you into delinquency first before they will deal with you. If they force you into that then you might as well file BK and they can just go without. Its a game.

You did what you could on your own and now you need to get professinal help. I’ve been there, done that, and now I’m ready to move on.

Just a few days ago, my bk attorney settled my brother’s four charged-off accounts over $20,000 (all credit card debt) for $11,000 only and my brother now does not have to file bk. Of course, besides his salary, he owned nothing…

Here’s what you need to know. Some creditors do the math to figure out how much assets you own and sometimes they don’t want you to file bk so they can go after your assets to get a larger payoff amount from you. Remember, the creditors don’t care how long you take to pay the debt off. They just want you in their nest forever so they can get your interest payments.

You need to consult your situation with a BK laywer. Trust me, it’s different when the creditors get a call from a BK lawyer. Hey, I know… lawyers, doctors, insurance agents stink… but you have to go with one this time. They can settle your accounts for half if you go with the right one. C’mon 25% is unrealistic…

Good luck…

New member, divorcing, need help

Hello everyone. Here’s my situation: Going through divorce, coming up on final stretch with it. Bought too much stuff while married, so tried selling it all off. Sold everything but house. We’ve been trying to sell it, but market is very down here and by now we won’t even break even on mortgage. We owe an added $48k on home equity, and $9k on Discover card. Charged things on Discover like taxes and gas because we didn’t have enough to cover bills.

Still don’t, falling short on paying on everything. Option one is sell house, try and break even on mortgage, cash in 457 account of $60k (takes a hit, leaves maybe $40k left if lucky). Then we’re still short. Attorneys advised Chapter 7. Will contact a bankruptcy attorney and hopefully this week meet with one.

Never thought I’d be in this situation, but bankruptcy would save that 457 retirement account, and get our feet on the ground again for a new start. Big fear in doing that though, and don’t know what to expect in the future. Any thoughts or guidance is appreciated. Thanks for letting me share my situation.

Go for BK- I know the news laws are stiffer but really BK is not as bad as people like to make it out to be and it can be a real quick way to get back on your feet again.

Advice on a loan company

I am looking for any advice on a loan or loan company for bad or poor credit loans.I do not want to go with payday loans and i am not sure how to accomplish this,without being scammed.I am building my credit slowly but i need to get rid of some things on my report. Any suggestions i am open to any comments,but try not to be to harsh.

I would recommend a credit union (just google it). Otherwise, you will have to go to a bank, who might give you higher interest rates due to your credit score. Nothing near as high as a payday loan place though. But if you get rejected by bank or need cash very very fast – payday loans is still a solution worth to consider. There are many companies such as Elc Loans which offer payday loans online and do not perform credit checks in most cases. What is best with them is that you get approved on line almost instantly and if approved you get your money within 1-2 business days. To calculate how much you will have to pay them back read this article about APR.

Hope this helps.

“Opportunity may knock once on your door. Temptation leans against the doorbell.” – Unknown
“Never believe you don’t have what it takes.”

P.S. what are the things on your report you want to get rid of?

I’m glad it has helped you

I am still working on that series of blog posts. We still aren’t quite finished with that room, but progress is being steadily made.

One of the discussions we had in our total of 7 days driving to and from WDW was the future of Rock ‘n Tree Ranch once dh retires.

It was decided whether we keep it or sell it all excess must go to avoid future problems. So be prepared for a lot more decluttering posts.

It has been a long, hard month, financially and emotionally:

DS18 in two vehicle accidents, the State tax board being sent (immediately by DH’s employer) ALL of the state taxes we owe instead of waiting an hour for me to get it resolved, deductibles which had to be paid due to the car accidents, DD17 ending up in urgent care…

but the capstone is our backyard neighbors. They are putting in a swimming pool and evidently want to put in a stone fence, which of course, my landlord is NEVER going to help pay for (and everyone in the neighborhood knows it, hence the reason this place is falling down), so I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY HE BOTHERED TO ASK.

All it did was bring my landlord over into my backyard, who has now given me a two week “get rid of all your (prepper) stuff OR ELSE” edict. It has been really depressing. Not that we don’t have stuff we could get rid of, but it’s ONE MORE THING I have to deal with.

So I’m trying to be positive. And trying to stay on track….and focus on what I am gaining (things which really do need to go…..hence the appreciation for Jan’s offending office clutter blogpost) rather than focusing on the prepper stuff I am losing.

Today the antique piano in the garage which needs restoration work, is leaving. Hopefully a bike which needs restoration is going too, and the outdoor umbrella clothesline which needs slight repair. Jan’s right: I don’t have the money to restore the piano in order to sell it; I haven’t restored and/or ridden the bike in 15 years; and the umbrella clothesline is cheap enough ($40?) if I ever need another one I’ll just buy it since I am just not handy enough to fix and use it.

On the upside, by next Wednesday, a bunch of stuff is going to go BYE BYE to the recycling/trash people (they take 10 items 4x a year!) and next Friday when we get paid, I am going to spend $100 and rent another trailer and take what’s left in the back yard and haul it to the dump. (they charge per load at the dump…about $60.) And I now have a huge space in the garage where that piano was to get stuff out of the house.

But it’s worth spending $100 I guess, in order to forestall having to move.

Oh and did I mention that this Saturday AM there’s a “come donate your working/not electrical stuff” fundraiser going on? I’m getting rid of a huge older television, a non-working laser printer, and a non-working DVD/VCR player.

Had a fairly good week…

got up to go to the new job on time everyday. Nice little bit of cash for holding a baby. Hopefully, he will stay the sweet little thing and not be fussy.

My van had to be sent to the shop at the end of the week–took a bit of convincing on my part for DH to believe that the fix might be beyond what he has the talent or time to do. The van is over 11 yrs and hasn’t really had anything major gone wrong. We don’t have a diagnosis, so I may need to borrow a vehicle from a neighbor. He has no problem with it, just told me to get the keys when I need them and return them when I’m done–got to love that.

Our new business was featured in a local paper, so we got a few leads from that–possibly 6 more students. The next few months should be interesting as we add to what we started with, DH didn’t want to start with too much and then burn out. We have is former employer asking about self-defense seminars, so I guess that may be next in the planning phase.

Money wise, we are under budget for the month, the last kid turned 18 and insurance rates went down. Not much of a savings, but I’ll take what I can get.

My father went into hospice in February

And I took FMLA from work to help my mother out. While traveling there running errands, my vehicle acted up. I had no choice but to have it repaired as it was the water pump, coolant system, etc. to the tune of almost $700. Then I traveled home for a week, traveled down to see my father again for his birthday, returned home and a week later he passed away, so had to travel back to help with the funeral and arrangements. While there again, my front tires seemed low, went to get air put into them and was told that the belts were wearing on the inside. So needless to say, I had a few others check and that was the case, so had to purchase two new tires (the rear tires were then put on the front, and new ones in the rear). Another $300 for the tires, then when I got home had a total wheel alignment for another $200. I could not have traveled with either vehicle issue as my trips are close to 5 hours one-way.

Then two weeks after all of this, my dog developed pancreatitis and was hospitalized for 5 days to the tune of $1235.

Needless to say 2014 is not a good year, and thank goodness for the emergency fund I did have.

Now SO needs to go to the VA Hospital as he has a spot on his lung. Took the day off for all of his scheduled procedures including scopes. Don’t know what this will bring, but at least this part is his and he’s covered under the VA.

Timely question for me

Two weeks ago, the left front control arm and two stabilizer links broke on my car. That was an emergency and I dipped into the emergency fund to get it fixed.

Then our “good” lawnmower went belly up due to poor maintenance on my part. We are dealing with the “cranky” lawnmower until we can afford to replace the “good” one. That is definitely not an emergency and I am paying my penance for not maintaining the first one properly.

So with everything going on this month

Some of which have had a ripple effect creating different problems, I am wondering: what do you consider an emergency where you would use your emergency fund and what do you consider just poor planning and so you just have to live with the consequences?

Ok, when I posted the one time we were on vacation

I promised to bring you all up to date on what all has been going on here on the Rock ‘n Tree Ranch. One word. Murphy. Since the first of the year Murphy has became a permanent resident on the Ranch. Small things like all the outside tools (chain saw, weed whacker, DR, lawn tractor etc) breaking down one at a time to the point that when we came home from vacation we came home to a jungle that would have made the Rain Forest proud.

Unfortunately most of the repairs seem to be avoiding my dh’s efforts. Luckily there is a small engine repair shop that has opened up within two miles of us. So starting this weekend we will be taking those tools in order of importance (weed whacker or DR first one at a time to see how the guy does and if his rates are reasonable. It’s getting seriously scary around here with weeds so tall the ticks, fleas and snakes are moving in at a rapid pace.

The not so small things have been some major repairs on the Dually. Blown head gasket, u joints etc. Before the trip we sunk over $6,000 into the truck, but it was still far better than what it would have cost to replace the truck with anything in otherwise as good of shape.

The trip to SDC in on shoestring earlier this year unveiled a few small problems with the fifth wheel, which dh was able to repair the most important ones himself, at little cost.

The ECV (electric wheel chair—more on this when I do my trip blogs) decided to disintegrate two of its six wheels. So those tires needed replaced, just in case. Thank goodness we did.

Overtime disappeared in the middle of this, of course. Oh and let’s not forget the nearly $3,500 to IRS and state.

Because of all of this we were simply paying minimums, no snowballing, well a little snowballing since January. Our plan to be cc debit free before the trip went south quickly.

More than once we very nearly canceled the trip we had booked in July of 2013 for Memorial Day Weekend this year. Just as we were about to purchase our annual passes they also went up in price, as did accommodations. Luckily we were locked in for a AAA discount when the rates went up, thanks to Naomi—our travel agent with The Magic For Less Travel agency, you will hear a lot about her in my travel blog.

At the last moment I got a “knock your socks off” whopper of a royalty check. It combined with the little I had put back more than met our travel budget and at a family meeting we decided that we had worked HARD this last five years and the cost of the trip would only delay our being totally debt free (house and everything ) by one month. So after much discussion we loaded up and headed out, with Murphy in tow. Yep, he want to WDW and back with us.

I was sick the entire trip, but not contagious. Thank goodness for the ECV.. We had a great time, much to Murphy’s dismay—take that you ornery cuss. So great that we have more trips in this next year planned.

I’ve been sick since we’ve been home with bronchitis, but that is finally waning and I have started typing up the blog posts about the trip and all the fun we had. Once I get them all typed, edited and photos added I’ll let you all know.
We’ve taken on a new attitude with Murphy. Unless it is dire, the repairs will wait, except for the garden equipment—that is dire—I need a rent a goat or something. Our plan is to pay off a cc every 30 days or less between now and the end of September to be totally cc debt free. With taking some long weekend trips between now and then as well.

Then later in the year ds will fly down to WDW by himself for a long weekend. A while after he goes, dh and I will fly down while he stays home to mind the ranch. Then next spring we will all go back for one final push on our annual passes before they expire.
As soon as the cc are gone the big thrust will be on the smallest of the two mortgages, while doing some household repairs and remodeling along the way as well. It’s going to be a busy second half of the year.

Today I am working on the budget to make all of this happen. Wish me luck!

Hi everyone, It has been a really long time since I posted

A lot has been going on. As some of you may remember, we are foster parents and have had a sibling group of 4 for the last 3 years. We will be finalizing the adoption of those kids in 2 weeks. We are so excited and cannot wait to put a period at the end of that sentence. I am hoping to quit my job soon and be home with the kids. Three of them are considered special needs, and the extra time at home will be good for all of us.

My husband has Life insurance serviced through ING. We received a letter stating the policy is being taken over by VOYA. Does anyone have any experience with this group. Looks like the actual policy is still through ReliaStar (I think that is the name of it) Life Insurance.

Wanted thoughts on this.


Can anyone explain?

I know that I need to increase my life insurance and need to get some on my DH. When I went to the Zander Insurance site, I got a list of quotes that started at $280 to over $900 annually for the same amount of coverage. There was no benefit explanation, so I don’t know why there is such a huge difference between individual companies.