Re: Juniper Unsecured Credit Card for Chapter 13 people

If you are in an open thirteen you may need the permission of the bankruptcy court to open a new credit account. (this varies by jurisdiction) If you fail to get the required permission, this will be considered fraud, and void the bankruptcy and bring on the fraud charges. Contact your lawyer and the clerk of the court. Don’t rely on the Internet for major legal advise.

After a previous chapter 7 Juniper approved me out of the blue I got a pre approved offer. They are a predatory lender and I would’nt do business with them if I were you. I have had nothing but a bad experience with them and from the research I’ve done on them they they pray upon those in BK or just out of it.

Thanks for the info…..I have not applied….and will be pitching the offer!

That is exactly what I was thinking.

Why go back into debt with another card when someone is filing bankrupty to clear current debts?

That is like saying that person did not learn from the first mistake by continuing the cycle all over again.

It makes no sense!!!!! Just my humble opinion.