Juniper Unsecured Credit Card for Chapter 13 people

I am in an open chapter 13, filed in oct 07. I just got a credit card offer from Juniper. I just wondered if anyone out there has been approved for an unsecured card from Juniper while still in an open chapter 13? I dont want the inquiry on my credit reports unless I know there is a reasonable chance they will approve me, which I really believe is unlikely.

Forgive my ignorance, but if you are trying to pay off previous cards, why would you want to start that process over again by getting Another credit card? I would think that would be defeating your purpose of getting out and staying out of debt?

Don’t go for any credit cards …. especially if you have a history of debt issues… It’s like an alcoholic heading for the bar for “one drink.” Step away…. Run away….. You don’t want the “I love debt” score anyway.

If you are in open chapter 13 – why on earth would you want another credit card? I can’t wait to get rid of mine. Everytime I get them paid off, something happens (usually medical), and they end up worse than before. I just want them gone. Shredded. Never to be used again. I think with my lack of self discipline, I just can’t have a credit card at all.

Folks this is United States of America-the land of the free! If getting that credit card is not illegal or going to get you in trouble with the trustee or the court I say go for it! But if it is illegal then I say no.

I wouldn’t want a cc period. I am trying to live my live as ‘cash only’. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of those plastic boogers. They are more harm than good. Don’t do it, it’s like that last brownie, in the end it’s not worth the trouble. Me neither, especially store credit. The major ones never turned me on, but let me get a store cc like Macys or Sears and you’d though I just it the lottery or fell in love. They are like the fix you can never seem to get enough of…..

I knew I had posted a bit hastily without giving more detail. The ONLY reason I would even think about getting a credit card now, in my open 13, is simply to increase my fico scores. I am also in a pay option arm loan through Bank of America with my mortgage (yep, formerly Countrywide) and I may HAVE TO REFINANCE within about a year.(thus the need to increase my scores to qualify) I have done intense research for a year now, which started prior to my having to file.

(I had to file due to 50,000 of business dept that was left after a failed business…I did not use the cards, my husband did…my error was to guarantee the credit for the company…I have learned my lesson, trust me) I do have 2 secured credits that have NEVER gone past the 50% debt to credit ratio. I am ONLY using them to help re build my credit scores.

So, I just wondered if anyone else had been approved for a juniper card in an open thirteen. Again…this is all about rebuilding my credit….not continuing down the same debt road. Thanks to all that replied to my post,

You don’t want a credit card. But if you must try for a secured card. I’ve got a secured card with a $200 limit from Orchard Bank. ( With such a low limit I can’t use it much and can usually manage to pay it off each month. And if for some reason you default and don’t pay the monthly bills (mi9numum of $15) they can take your $200 deposit to pay off your account and close it.

I’m aware of that, but am not aware as to WHY someone would want to keep getting cards when they’ve already brought BK on their heads. I am not understanding that. Sorry.

Thanks for the response! I was told that i had a restriction on $1000 of incured debt during my thirteen, but that more than that of available credit was ok…. but i will re check this with my lawyer at my 1 year review which is coming up soon. again, thank you