New member, divorcing, need help

Hello everyone. Here’s my situation: Going through divorce, coming up on final stretch with it. Bought too much stuff while married, so tried selling it all off. Sold everything but house. We’ve been trying to sell it, but market is very down here and by now we won’t even break even on mortgage. We owe an added $48k on home equity, and $9k on Discover card. Charged things on Discover like taxes and gas because we didn’t have enough to cover bills.

Still don’t, falling short on paying on everything. Option one is sell house, try and break even on mortgage, cash in 457 account of $60k (takes a hit, leaves maybe $40k left if lucky). Then we’re still short. Attorneys advised Chapter 7. Will contact a bankruptcy attorney and hopefully this week meet with one.

Never thought I’d be in this situation, but bankruptcy would save that 457 retirement account, and get our feet on the ground again for a new start. Big fear in doing that though, and don’t know what to expect in the future. Any thoughts or guidance is appreciated. Thanks for letting me share my situation.

Go for BK- I know the news laws are stiffer but really BK is not as bad as people like to make it out to be and it can be a real quick way to get back on your feet again.