Advice on a loan company

I am looking for any advice on a loan or loan company for bad or poor credit loans.I do not want to go with payday loans and i am not sure how to accomplish this,without being scammed.I am building my credit slowly but i need to get rid of some things on my report. Any suggestions i am open to any comments,but try not to be to harsh.

I would recommend a credit union (just google it). Otherwise, you will have to go to a bank, who might give you higher interest rates due to your credit score. Nothing near as high as a payday loan place though. But if you get rejected by bank or need cash very very fast – payday loans is still a solution worth to consider. There are many companies such as Elc Loans which offer payday loans online and do not perform credit checks in most cases. What is best with them is that you get approved on line almost instantly and if approved you get your money within 1-2 business days. To calculate how much you will have to pay them back read this article about APR.

Hope this helps.

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P.S. what are the things on your report you want to get rid of?