It has been a long, hard month, financially and emotionally:

DS18 in two vehicle accidents, the State tax board being sent (immediately by DH’s employer) ALL of the state taxes we owe instead of waiting an hour for me to get it resolved, deductibles which had to be paid due to the car accidents, DD17 ending up in urgent care…

but the capstone is our backyard neighbors. They are putting in a swimming pool and evidently want to put in a stone fence, which of course, my landlord is NEVER going to help pay for (and everyone in the neighborhood knows it, hence the reason this place is falling down), so I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY HE BOTHERED TO ASK.

All it did was bring my landlord over into my backyard, who has now given me a two week “get rid of all your (prepper) stuff OR ELSE” edict. It has been really depressing. Not that we don’t have stuff we could get rid of, but it’s ONE MORE THING I have to deal with.

So I’m trying to be positive. And trying to stay on track….and focus on what I am gaining (things which really do need to go…..hence the appreciation for Jan’s offending office clutter blogpost) rather than focusing on the prepper stuff I am losing.

Today the antique piano in the garage which needs restoration work, is leaving. Hopefully a bike which needs restoration is going too, and the outdoor umbrella clothesline which needs slight repair. Jan’s right: I don’t have the money to restore the piano in order to sell it; I haven’t restored and/or ridden the bike in 15 years; and the umbrella clothesline is cheap enough ($40?) if I ever need another one I’ll just buy it since I am just not handy enough to fix and use it.

On the upside, by next Wednesday, a bunch of stuff is going to go BYE BYE to the recycling/trash people (they take 10 items 4x a year!) and next Friday when we get paid, I am going to spend $100 and rent another trailer and take what’s left in the back yard and haul it to the dump. (they charge per load at the dump…about $60.) And I now have a huge space in the garage where that piano was to get stuff out of the house.

But it’s worth spending $100 I guess, in order to forestall having to move.

Oh and did I mention that this Saturday AM there’s a “come donate your working/not electrical stuff” fundraiser going on? I’m getting rid of a huge older television, a non-working laser printer, and a non-working DVD/VCR player.