Had a fairly good week…

got up to go to the new job on time everyday. Nice little bit of cash for holding a baby. Hopefully, he will stay the sweet little thing and not be fussy.

My van had to be sent to the shop at the end of the week–took a bit of convincing on my part for DH to believe that the fix might be beyond what he has the talent or time to do. The van is over 11 yrs and hasn’t really had anything major gone wrong. We don’t have a diagnosis, so I may need to borrow a vehicle from a neighbor. He has no problem with it, just told me to get the keys when I need them and return them when I’m done–got to love that.

Our new business was featured in a local paper, so we got a few leads from that–possibly 6 more students. The next few months should be interesting as we add to what we started with, DH didn’t want to start with too much and then burn out. We have is former employer asking about self-defense seminars, so I guess that may be next in the planning phase.

Money wise, we are under budget for the month, the last kid turned 18 and insurance rates went down. Not much of a savings, but I’ll take what I can get.