My father went into hospice in February

And I took FMLA from work to help my mother out. While traveling there running errands, my vehicle acted up. I had no choice but to have it repaired as it was the water pump, coolant system, etc. to the tune of almost $700. Then I traveled home for a week, traveled down to see my father again for his birthday, returned home and a week later he passed away, so had to travel back to help with the funeral and arrangements. While there again, my front tires seemed low, went to get air put into them and was told that the belts were wearing on the inside. So needless to say, I had a few others check and that was the case, so had to purchase two new tires (the rear tires were then put on the front, and new ones in the rear). Another $300 for the tires, then when I got home had a total wheel alignment for another $200. I could not have traveled with either vehicle issue as my trips are close to 5 hours one-way.

Then two weeks after all of this, my dog developed pancreatitis and was hospitalized for 5 days to the tune of $1235.

Needless to say 2014 is not a good year, and thank goodness for the emergency fund I did have.

Now SO needs to go to the VA Hospital as he has a spot on his lung. Took the day off for all of his scheduled procedures including scopes. Don’t know what this will bring, but at least this part is his and he’s covered under the VA.