Ok, when I posted the one time we were on vacation

I promised to bring you all up to date on what all has been going on here on the Rock ‘n Tree Ranch. One word. Murphy. Since the first of the year Murphy has became a permanent resident on the Ranch. Small things like all the outside tools (chain saw, weed whacker, DR, lawn tractor etc) breaking down one at a time to the point that when we came home from vacation we came home to a jungle that would have made the Rain Forest proud.

Unfortunately most of the repairs seem to be avoiding my dh’s efforts. Luckily there is a small engine repair shop that has opened up within two miles of us. So starting this weekend we will be taking those tools in order of importance (weed whacker or DR first one at a time to see how the guy does and if his rates are reasonable. It’s getting seriously scary around here with weeds so tall the ticks, fleas and snakes are moving in at a rapid pace.

The not so small things have been some major repairs on the Dually. Blown head gasket, u joints etc. Before the trip we sunk over $6,000 into the truck, but it was still far better than what it would have cost to replace the truck with anything in otherwise as good of shape.

The trip to SDC in on shoestring earlier this year unveiled a few small problems with the fifth wheel, which dh was able to repair the most important ones himself, at little cost.

The ECV (electric wheel chair—more on this when I do my trip blogs) decided to disintegrate two of its six wheels. So those tires needed replaced, just in case. Thank goodness we did.

Overtime disappeared in the middle of this, of course. Oh and let’s not forget the nearly $3,500 to IRS and state.

Because of all of this we were simply paying minimums, no snowballing, well a little snowballing since January. Our plan to be cc debit free before the trip went south quickly.

More than once we very nearly canceled the trip we had booked in July of 2013 for Memorial Day Weekend this year. Just as we were about to purchase our annual passes they also went up in price, as did accommodations. Luckily we were locked in for a AAA discount when the rates went up, thanks to Naomi—our travel agent with The Magic For Less Travel agency, you will hear a lot about her in my travel blog.

At the last moment I got a “knock your socks off” whopper of a royalty check. It combined with the little I had put back more than met our travel budget and at a family meeting we decided that we had worked HARD this last five years and the cost of the trip would only delay our being totally debt free (house and everything ) by one month. So after much discussion we loaded up and headed out, with Murphy in tow. Yep, he want to WDW and back with us.

I was sick the entire trip, but not contagious. Thank goodness for the ECV.. We had a great time, much to Murphy’s dismay—take that you ornery cuss. So great that we have more trips in this next year planned.

I’ve been sick since we’ve been home with bronchitis, but that is finally waning and I have started typing up the blog posts about the trip and all the fun we had. Once I get them all typed, edited and photos added I’ll let you all know.
We’ve taken on a new attitude with Murphy. Unless it is dire, the repairs will wait, except for the garden equipment—that is dire—I need a rent a goat or something. Our plan is to pay off a cc every 30 days or less between now and the end of September to be totally cc debt free. With taking some long weekend trips between now and then as well.

Then later in the year ds will fly down to WDW by himself for a long weekend. A while after he goes, dh and I will fly down while he stays home to mind the ranch. Then next spring we will all go back for one final push on our annual passes before they expire.
As soon as the cc are gone the big thrust will be on the smallest of the two mortgages, while doing some household repairs and remodeling along the way as well. It’s going to be a busy second half of the year.

Today I am working on the budget to make all of this happen. Wish me luck!