Re: Juniper Unsecured Credit Card for Chapter 13 people

If you are in an open thirteen you may need the permission of the bankruptcy court to open a new credit account. (this varies by jurisdiction) If you fail to get the required permission, this will be considered fraud, and void the bankruptcy and bring on the fraud charges. Contact your lawyer and the clerk […]

Juniper Unsecured Credit Card for Chapter 13 people

I am in an open chapter 13, filed in oct 07. I just got a credit card offer from Juniper. I just wondered if anyone out there has been approved for an unsecured card from Juniper while still in an open chapter 13? I dont want the inquiry on my credit reports unless I know […]

Trying to Settle Accounts

We are trying to settle our credit card accounts and have a certain amount of cash to do it. It’s about 25% of the total we owe. If we can’t settle the accounts, we will almost have to file BK, which we really don’t want to do. I have explained this to the creditors but […]

New member, divorcing, need help

Hello everyone. Here’s my situation: Going through divorce, coming up on final stretch with it. Bought too much stuff while married, so tried selling it all off. Sold everything but house. We’ve been trying to sell it, but market is very down here and by now we won’t even break even on mortgage. We owe […]