I’m glad it has helped you

I am still working on that series of blog posts. We still aren’t quite finished with that room, but progress is being steadily made. One of the discussions we had in our total of 7 days driving to and from WDW was the future of Rock ‘n Tree Ranch once dh retires. It was decided […]

It has been a long, hard month, financially and emotionally:

DS18 in two vehicle accidents, the State tax board being sent (immediately by DH’s employer) ALL of the state taxes we owe instead of waiting an hour for me to get it resolved, deductibles which had to be paid due to the car accidents, DD17 ending up in urgent care… but the capstone is our […]

Had a fairly good week…

got up to go to the new job on time everyday. Nice little bit of cash for holding a baby. Hopefully, he will stay the sweet little thing and not be fussy. My van had to be sent to the shop at the end of the week–took a bit of convincing on my part for […]

My father went into hospice in February

And I took FMLA from work to help my mother out. While traveling there running errands, my vehicle acted up. I had no choice but to have it repaired as it was the water pump, coolant system, etc. to the tune of almost $700. Then I traveled home for a week, traveled down to see […]

Timely question for me

Two weeks ago, the left front control arm and two stabilizer links broke on my car. That was an emergency and I dipped into the emergency fund to get it fixed. Then our “good” lawnmower went belly up due to poor maintenance on my part. We are dealing with the “cranky” lawnmower until we can […]

Ok, when I posted the one time we were on vacation

I promised to bring you all up to date on what all has been going on here on the Rock ‘n Tree Ranch. One word. Murphy. Since the first of the year Murphy has became a permanent resident on the Ranch. Small things like all the outside tools (chain saw, weed whacker, DR, lawn tractor […]